The Empire Connection – November 2017

The Empire Connection August 2017

A Message From the CEO

Photo of the CEO Philip GuarnieriWhether you own ES Bancshares, Inc. or any stock in any other company and hold paper stock certificates, I would like to share some important information.

On an annual basis please look out for your proxy material; you will always receive this yearly. Included in this material is updated financial information as well as instructions on voting on Director’s terms and other matters pertaining to the Company. You should actively participate in voting and if you go three years without voting or contact with the transfer agent your stock may be declared by your state government to be abandoned property. The stock will be delivered to the state in which you reside. Most states sell your stock at the then current market price minus commissions and fees. You may be able to claim your property but only cash will be returned, thus no longer owning the company.

Also, remember to keep your stock certificates in a secure place. If you should lose the certificate you must contact the Transfer Agent and you’ll need to do the following:

1. Provide an affidavit: You’ll need to describe the lost certificates and the circumstances surrounding the loss. It could
be as simple as I moved and lost the certificate, or it could be the result of theft or fraud. Make sure that you’re as
detailed as possible.
2. Purchase an indemnity bond: You’ll have to purchase an indemnity bond to protect the company and transfer agent
in case the stock certificates are redeemed at a later date. Every transfer agent charges a different rate. I’ve read that the rates can range from 1% – 5% of the value of the stock certificates.
3. Pay a fee to reissue the certificates: Whenever you issue paper stock certificates, you’ll pay a fee.


Finally, always keep your address up to date with the Transfer Agent and the Company you own the stock in. Thank you and I hope you find this information helpful.


Philip Guarnieri,
Chief Executive Officer

Financial Highlights Quarter 3 2017

Empire State Bank continues to experience strong growth while remaining a safe and trusted financial institution. We believe this positions our organization well for the future and demonstrates our focus on developing long-term relationships in the
communities we serve. For the full financial results, please visit: Community Connections


Good Scouts Award

Good Scout Awards

Mr. Guarnieri is presented with the Boy Scouts of America Good Scout Award for his leadership and positive presence he has on the community. Mr. Guarnieri’s acceptance speech focused on his belief of supporting programs that develop skills and prepare the youth for their future.STAR Network Power Woman In Business




Power Woman In Business
Theresa Pommerenk, AVP Branch Manager was recognized at the annual STAR Network Power Woman in Business Awards Evening for her achievements. Theresa believes that “Providing that excellent customer service is crucial to maintaining and developing relationships”.

National Night Out Against Crime



National Night Out Against Crime
Millions of neighbors take part in the National Night Out Against Crime to unify and show strength against drugs and crime. We proudly showed our support while getting to know our neighbors with an interactive photo booth, props, promotions, information and giveaways.AREAA Members Networking



Members Of AREAA
Empire State Bank is a proud member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). As a community oriented bank we serve different cultures to meet their needs. The growing Chinese-American community has entrusted in Empire State Bank to build their businesses, invest in properties and conduct their daily banking.




Customer Services

For assistance with products or services, call 1(800)331-3036, visit a local Empire State Bank office, visit our website at, or write by mail to:

Corporate Headquarters
68 North Plank Road
Newburgh, NY 12550
Telephone: 845-561-0003


Investor Services

Financial information about ES Bancshares, Inc. can be accessed by visiting the Investor Relations website at

Transfer Agent

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC
6201 15th Avenue,
2nd Floor
ESB BancsharesBrooklyn, NY 11219
Tel (800) 937-5449 (inquiries)
Tel (718) 921-8124 (services)